If you have shopped online from shop.alharamainperfumes.com, you may have noticed that sometimes you cannot complete the checkout process or have no shipping option for your order. The most common reason for this is that you would have included in your shopping cart a perfume that is not eligible for shipping to your country, because it is classified as a ‘dangerous good’.

Let us explain.

For most people to consider their best perfume to be a ‘dangerous good’ is unfathomable, how can something so exquisite and pleasant smelling be considered ‘dangerous’ for any reason? Well, the good news is that the perfume is not dangerous for you, but it may pose a hazard if it is not packaged or handled properly for air transportation.

Spray perfumes ordinarily contain flammable solvents, which are necessary in order to give the perfume an atomizing effect, and which cause the perfume to evaporate faster, thus giving the fragrance great sillage and projection. The I.A.T.A (International Air Transport Association) classifies these as “UN1266: Perfumery Products With Flammable Solvents”. As a result, they require highly specialized packaging and handling by trained and qualified personnel when they are shipped by air, which is the fastest way to get your perfumes delivered to you from abroad. This handling and packaging is more costly and would result in a very high price for your order.

Al Haramain Perfumes, to cater for fragrance lovers from all over the world, has effectively lowered the cost of shipping spray perfumes, resulting in more value for you, through investing in a trained and fully certified IATA Dangerous Goods Shipper.

haramain dg shipper

Most spray perfumes contain almost 90% of denatured ethyl alcohol which can ignite under certain conditions and thus needs special handling and packaging in order to prevent the risk of fire aboard an aircraft. Colognes and aftershaves, which also seemingly harmless, also fall into the same category.

Due to the above, it is not always that such perfumes can be shipped to every country. In this regard, Al Haramain Perfumes only ships to certain countries only, a list of which can be found here.

But that’s doesn’t mean every fragrance that comes from Al Haramain Perfumes is classified as a Dangerous Good, we do have perfume oils and bukhoors that are also available for global shipping as they are alcohol free. In fact, these are not by I.A.T.A regulated as dangerous goods at all and can be shipped as regular shipments as long as they comply with the relevant regulations.

Custom regulation

When many people consider ordering perfumes online from within their countries of residence, the issue of quality and after sales service immediately become an issue. Many of our buyers are aware of the legendary Al Haramain Perfumes customer service that has us calling clients as far out as the unforgiving beauty of the Australia outback to the globally renowned jungles of Brazil all the way to the frozen wonderlands of Russia just to ensure that they have not only received their goods but their expectations have been met.

Global shipping

We are happy, as Al Haramain, to be one of the few perfumeries in the Middle East that ship spray perfumes internationally, and doing so whilst maintaining a high level of quality and customer care.

This is by design as Al Haramain Perfumes always aims to offer customers the best in fragrance and perfumes both on a global scale.

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