Al Haramain Kalimanthan Super Agarwood

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Al-Haramain Kalimanthan super agarwood is a great and high-quality resinous agarwood extracted from Indonesia. It gives a great sense of achievement and an amazing experience of aromatherapy. This high class and majestic Al-Haramain’s agarwood tend to make the surrounding beautiful and magical. Its aroma is quite strong and long-lasting. It’s heavyweight and has a dark appearance. It has been originated from the famous island of Borneo in Indonesia. This agarwood comes from a very old tree that has a great charismatic smell. It has some great benefits, like, it can be used as a medicine, cures nervous disorders, exhaustion, stress, depression, and brings positive energy. Its aroma is great for meditation and relaxing the mind as well. People use this agarwood for spiritual and religious values as well. Al-Haramain Kalimantan comes in different packaging, such as 5g, 10g,15g,25g,50g, and 1kg. We offer the best rates for the people all around the world.

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Al Haramain Kalimanthan Super Agarwood
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