Al Haramain Pakambera Agarwood

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Box Capacity
  • 25 G
  • 50 G
  • 100 G
  • 250 G
  • 500 G
  • 1 KG
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Al Haramain perfumes represents one of the finest and majestic Agarwood all over UAE. Its fragrance is long-lasting and outstanding. Agarwood is a famous plant in the world that has many benefits. Al-Haramain Pakambera Agarwood is one of the famous Agarwood in UAE. It has all the unique qualities of a traditional Agarwood. It has healing advantages for many diseases. It has a strong smell that covers the whole surroundings. It’s best for skin purposes as well. Al-Haramain Pakambera Agarwood can be used for both men and women. Al-Haramain Pakambera Agarwood has a box capacity starting from 25G to 1KG. The prices of each box vary according to weight. We are one of the best brands that deliver Agarwood all over UAE and shipping all around the world. We provide the best and reliable Agarwood with long-lasting effects on the body and soul.

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Men, Women, Unisex


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Al Haramain Pakambera Agarwood