Although everyone shops for sunglasses, shorts, and sunscreen during the summer, it's also a great time to try a new fragrance. As the temperature rises, there are several very good reasons to switch to a different, lighter fragrance.Components or as we say the “notes” that make the fragrance, can react differently in heat, intensifying and dispersing more quickly, stronger scents that contain oud can become overpowering in this summer heat.

In this summer heat, when we are outside, we usually want to smell fresh and clean, which may include notes such as orange blossom or more citrusy notes. Musk, Vanilla or Amber will give more of sweet fragrance which some people usually don’t like in summer. 

So you might be thinking, what to wear then? Here are top 10 classic summer fragrances for men Al Haramain perfumes has got for you. 


Al Haramain L’Aventure

If you love a sophisticated men’s cologne, Haramain L’Aventure is here to satisfy your adventurous olfactory nerves. This specific fragrance can be a savior in your day. It contains a soft touch of oud as well. The L’Aventure EDP comes in a cubic shaped aluminium bottle with a square mag

netic cap to seal the bottle. The reflecting body of L’Aventure EDP puts a positive enhancement in your image To describe the notes, I must mention that the L’Aventure can be full of surprises. In the first sniff, you instantly get the citrusy notes to be very prominent with Lemon and Bergamot in it. Right after the first sniff, the top notes will gradually turn into a floral basket of happiness. There’s Jasmine, There’s Lily of the valley and essence of Agarwood to keep the fragrance from going wrong. The base notes infused with patchouli provides a minty freshness to your day. What a festival of fragrances in one single cube.


Al Haramain Oppulent Sapphire

The word Opulent means wealthy and rich. The haramain opulent sapphire is also rich in citrus notes. This aquatic fr

agrance of the series has a perfectly balanced tone that will satisfy every soul out there. If you are the one that loves grabbing attention in the crowd, then this perfu

mes is the right choice.

The opulent is really like a ride to the continent of all the freshness around the sea in this world. The packaging is really unique for this one. The container box looks exactly the same as the perfume bottle. It has an orange matt body with a metal portion on it. The whole package seems like to be a gadget box but as you open it, it just surprises you. In the top note of this fragrance, you directly get a burst of citrus but it doesn’t stay as like for a long time. It immediately transformed to light notes which actually stays from the middle note to the very last. The woody accords and a touch of amber enhance the Sapphire even better.


Al Haramain Royal Musk

"Sensational" is the perfect word to describe our Royal Musk. There is a richness of citrusy tones. Like bergamot and pepper which make the royal musk a fascinating perfume. The smell has been boosted with the addition of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, and Lily of the Valley.
Whatever you do, while wearing the royal musk, you will be noted for your vibrancy. Beeswax helps to enhance your personality by balancing the brightness of floral sweetness.

It is a bit powdery at first. A citrusy fresh scent that can match any person.The Outer box of Royal Musk is a Sea blue colored square-shaped box engraved with the name of Al Haramain on Top of it. The Blue represents freshness. After opening the box the inside portion holds the fragrance in a carved bed for the product. It is a 100ml perfume that is held in a glass bottle with an ombre blue color. The Golden Cap is designed with delicacy and perfection. The magnetic top is easy to remove and put back. It is one of the floral woody musk perfumes.

Al Haramain Musk Maliki

The Musk Maliki is like a colorful flower garden in blossom. A top note that will embrace you as you enter the garden, sprinkling you with dews of freshness. Green apple and Violet's tangy fragrance is combined with Lemon. It surely gives an amazing initial impression. Italian jasmine with Bulgarian rose and Sweet Geranium.

The floral picture can be found as you stroll around the garden. You'll be noticed in every room  thanks to the tangy notes. The sensation of sandalwoods and the finesse of Musk will captivate you. The Garden tour will be complete with attraction in your aura. It is a very powdery musk perfume that travels in the air. The Outer box of the Musk Maliki is a White-colored square-shaped box with woody textures. The name of Al Haramain is carved on top of it. The White color represents contentment just like the scent itself. Alike Royal Musk, the inside portion holds the fragrance in a carved bed. It is a 100ml perfume that is held in a glass bottle with an ombre yellow color with a white glassy base. The Silver Cap is designed with detailing of dotting to match the outlook. The magnetic top is easy to remove and put back.

Al Haramain L’Aventure Knight

L’aventure means adventure. And the complete L’aventure series is actually a very adventurous type. It’s like telling a story of your passion or achievement. The lemon in L’Aventure knight creates a fruity citrusy first impression. With very noticeable violet leaves, it becomes g

reat event wear. It has the softness of Musk and Amber in it yet it somehow creates the mark. Th

e knight smells exciting in an event like a wedding. L’aventure knight is mostly preferred by men but somehow I find it purely unisex. Maybe fragrance preferences actually differ from person to person.





Al Haramain Portfolio Royale Stallion

Haramain’s Portfolio collections are always special. As a continuation, Royale Stallion arrives. Comes in similar packaging as other portfolio collections. It is a pure manly fragrance with masculine notes in it. Encased in an ornate

bottle, portfolio Royale Stallion stays undeniable. One of the fragrances that carry vanilla in a masculine way. The exotic, depth of heliotrope and warmth of Bitter almond. Notes like these create a true mark in your environment.




Al Haramain Portfolio Neroli Canvas

Haramain Portfolio Neroli Canvas is developed with the freshness of the Neroli. It is an Eau de Perfume that comes in a gorgeous bottle. The Matt leather box has a magnetic opener and resembles a book. It has a leather bag inside. The beautiful black bottle is kept safe in the leather pouch. Elegantly designed with a shiny silver

top. It is definitely a perfect selection to wear to a wedding. The top note of Portfolio Neroli Canvas
has many citrusy notes. Bergamot and Lemon to be specific. In the Middle Note, you get the freshness of Neroli to be very prominent. Orange Blossom is there to compliment your personality's depth. The smell lasts a long time since the delicacy of Amber in the base note. It is definitely a gem you need as one of top summer fragrances.

Al Haramain Amber Oud Gold Edition

While buying a perfume, a cologne like Amber Oud Gold edition can be that choice for yourself. The gold body with transparent sides makes the bottle attractive. I prefer this to be occasional because I don’t wear this type of perfume regularly. But on events, I don’t want to miss the spotlight.The Fruitiness in Amber Oud Gold edition is well balanced with woody notes in the base.

 It’s not just any fruity fragrance. It smells like a balance. Fun and seriousness together. Sounds confusing? Trust me, that’s what it smells like. The fruity combination is also very special. Melon does not usually combine with other fruits in scents. However, the melon's appeal has been aided by the captive Musk. It is a great fragrance equally for men and women. To be honest this is one of the best Unisex collections that I have right now.


Al Haramain Signature Blue

Wondering what would be the fragrance of citrusy freshness? Then we have got you! Signature Blue is the perfect combination of citrus notes. The top note begins with the citrusy of Lemon, Bergamot and Orange which follows through the middlenote of Geranium bringing in the perfect touch of sweetness to accumulate the citrus top note which takes you to the base note of vetiver, patchouli and cedar which infuses the freshness, making it the best long lasting summer fragrance for you!


Al Haramain Signature Silver

Signature Silver by Al Haramain is a EDT perfume, which you can completely blind. Those who love a bit of spicy fragrance with touch of freshness, this is great buy. Just like its fragrance, the look of the bottle is quite formal and elegant. Alike Signature Blue, the top notes of Signature Silver is quite earthy which follows through a floral and fruity notes in the middle, which take you to the woody base of the notes. 

Summer brings in the light scents such as patchouli, citrus notes, vetiver and many more. So, here we have enlisted you the top summer fragrances for men which is some of the best Haramain Fragrances in the house. We have tried to list down the fragrances in a way where you can find your desired scents in one go.