Our nerves are really confusing sometimes. Sometimes we don’t like to wear perfume but also want our bodies to smell great. I know, there are hundreds of ways to make your bodies smell great naturally. All are available on the internet. But does that really work? Sometimes we don’t want to maintain ourselves much and just spray something nice on top to cover the natural body odor. There’s no shame in covering that. But we have to choose the perfume correctly to do that. It should not be exaggerated or too dense. A body mist can be a great option though. But for longer performance, the best thing to do is to choose a soft yet sweet fragrance.

But how exactly do these sweet fragrances feel? Well, to categorise, the soft and sweet fragrances are usually divided into three categories. Fruity Florals, Earthy and Gourmand. The softness depends on the blend and the concentration of each ingredient. For example, in Gourmand cattery, the Caramel or Brown Sugar note is really intense. But sweet note like  Tonka Beans or Vanilla are really attractive. Some of the sweet notes like orange and apple carry a fun vibe.

Here are some of the notes categorized. These can make any fragrance sweet with its existence.