Top quality online shopping sites like Al Haramain Perfumes E-Store have been a blessing to buyers, allowing them access to some of the best perfumes online, from the comfort of their homes.

At Al Haramain Perfumes, we have been at the forefront of offering our customers the best quality fragrance products, while being as transparent as possible about the costs. Our global online clientele have been delighted with the way Al Haramain Perfumes have managed to effortlessly blend online shopping convenience in terms of shipping, with a wide selection of quality fragrance products that have become our hallmark.

While many have enjoyed the great prices and the rapid delivery that have arisen from online shopping, some have exclaimed shock that they are having to pay import duties or taxes for international online orders. The reality is that due to different government policies some nations charge customs duty and taxes while others do not. The confusion arises usually due to differences in trade agreements that exist between different trading countries, and in how such nations choose to treat certain products as taxable or not.

Numerous customers have lamented the ‘unpredictable’ nature of such duties and taxes, often leading to nasty surprises when they face unexpected customs clearance costs due to unforeseen or unknown taxes and import duties. We always have and continue to urge our customers to be knowledgeable about the applicable laws and taxes for the kinds of products they purchase from Al Haramain. This will enable them to better understand the total value of their products.

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Another thing we encourage online shoppers abroad is to analyse reviews added by past buyers from similar shipping destinations. This may give an indication of the ease or difficulty in receiving goods sent from abroad. We do this because Al Haramain only provides products and a delivery service for customers, and does not offer customs clearance services, neither do we have any kind of control or influence over the same. In that regard, once an order is held by the relevant customs department for clearing purposes, there is absolutely nothing that Al Haramain Perfumes or our shipping partner can do to hasten its release.

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In such cases customers would need to pay the import tariffs for their ordered goods so that the goods can be released. It is also worth noting that different countries have different policies regarding the treatment of dutiable goods that are uncleared due to non-payment. In that regard, the goods may not always be returned to the shipper, but may be destroyed, auctioned, or disposed of through any other means the respective customs authorities deem fit. However, where a shipment is rejected for import at the port of entry for reasons not stated above, and is returned to Al Haramain, the customer may request for a refund on the purchase amount, which upon approval will be credited after deducting applicable return shipping and handling charges.

At Al Haramain Perfumes we aim to offer customer satisfaction but also making available the best quality perfume products to the world.