1. The best perfumes for men and women

    The best collection of musk perfumes for men and women


    Musk is one of the primary ingredients in the perfume industry, as it adds a wonderful touch to a perfume’s smell and strength, in addition to stabilizing the perfume for as long as possible, but many people do not know what the source of this musk is.


     For those who do not know, musk is extracted from certain glands present in the male, which passes through several stages to make musk and making musk oil as well, where some chemicals are included to be ready for use.


    The method of making a musk perfume is a difficult and slightly complicated method, but its results are wonderful, as it produces strong perfumes. This process is carried out through the following steps:


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  2. How to Choose Long Lasting Perfume for Wedding Day

    One of the most significant occasions in your life is getting married, so you'll want to cherish every second. It's a good thing that the sense of smell plays a big role in memory formation. The ideal tent poles for a memory kept in time are your perfume and distinctive scent. With just one sniff of the perfume, you wore on your special day, you can travel back in time. The question is, how does a bride-to-be locate her fragrance soulmate when the world of fragrances may be overwhelming and wedding planning is frequently seasonal? We look into it.

     01.Think about Personality

    A bride should maintain her scent identity. According to fragrance experts, orange blossom might be for you if you enjoy subtle scents. However, if your personality is stronger, choose an element to match it. The perfumes you select should reflect who you are, she explains.

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  3. Daily Floral Perfumes

    Floral fragrances are such a mood changer. If you wish to feel relaxed, then floral perfumes are your go to. Positivity and friendliness will surround you when you have a floral perfume on. Because floral scents mix marvellously with nearly all other fragrance notes. Before choosing a floral perfume you need to know the mix well because florals can play differently with different accords. Is it the citrus and floral combination or Fresh and floral combination? Surprisingly a wood and floral combination can be another kick to your fragrance game. Every floral game each has its mood and ritual. 


    Daily floral perfumes by Al Haramain Perfumes

    Al Haramain Perfumes does not cut short on floral perfumes for men

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  4. Get Ready for Summer with Citrus Perfumes

    Citrus perfumes come around when the summer arrives. Known for the fresh and zesty accords, they mostly contain smells like oranges, clementine, mandarine, grapefruit, lemon and lime. Al Haramain perfumes has a wide variety of summer perfumes for you to be ready to welcome summer with freshness. Citrus scents embrace us with delight; they help in making you feel optimistic and complete your outfit with a clean finish. For the summer, citrus perfumes are usually complemented by smooth floral notes. Together they create the best summer perfume one can have. Al Haramain Perfumes offers a wide range of citrus perfumes for men and women both. Some of it perfumes are also unisex that fits both. 

    As named, the “liquid sunshine” or citrus oils help in boosting the mood and stress level reduction. Other notes like lemongrass, verbena and bergamot blend really well with the citrus perfumes. Together they create a summer based refreshing

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  5. Best Oriental perfumes from Al Haramain

    Just like the western region has their own category in perfumes, the middle east has is known for oriental perfumes. A perfume is all about the culture and geographic of a country. Oud, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Musk and other ingredients make up the oriental fragrances. 

    Oud, also known as Black Gold, is the showstopper in the oriental fragrance industry.

    Some traditions are also linked to the use of these oriental fragrances in the land of mighty Arabs. For example, Arabs burn Agarwood as a gesture of welcoming their guests. Time has passed but this old tradition is yet to be explored by the modern companies. Words like smoky, woody, strong, powerful are common adjectives to be used to describe the oriental accords..

    Recently, the use of oriental notes in formation of perfumes has increased noticeably. The probability of you smelling a perfume

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