Notice to Suppliers, Customers and Service Providers of Al Haramain Perfumes



Dear Supplier/Customer/Service Provider


Assalamu Alaikum and the season's best greetings and wishes. 


This is to strictly inform all suppliers, customers and service providers of AL HARAMAIN PERFUMES that, henceforth, no Supplier / Customer / Service Provider or anyone is allowed to offer / give any type of Gift, Incentive, Hadia, Sadka etc to any employee of our Company. 


And, if any Supplier / Customer / Service Provider ignores the above instruction and offers any type of gift, incentive, Hadia, Sadka etc to any employee of our company, and it comes to the notice of the Management, the name of that company / person which offered the gift / Incentive / Hadia / Sadka etc, and encourages such corrupt practice WILL BE BLACK LISTED IMMEDIATELY and the business relationship WILL BE SEVERED FOR EVER without any excuse. 


Furthermore, if any employee is offered / given any gift / incentive / Hadia / Sadka etc by any Supplier / Customer / Service Provider, or anybody, the employee(s) concerned must bring the matter to the notice of the Management immediately, based upon which the Management will initiate appropriate legal action against the Person / Company concerned. 


And, ignoring above instructions, if any Employee of the AHP Group of Companies accepts any type of Gift / Incentive etc. from any Supplier /Customer / Service Provider or anyone, appropriate severe disciplinary action will be initiated without any excuse, including cancellation of Visa, and the matter will be referred to the Law enforcing Authorities for appropriate legal action. 


Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated 


Yours sincerely 



Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman

Chairman & Managing Director




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