The presence of top brands like Al Haramain Perfumes in the UAE has been seen as a proof
that the Middle East especially the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is here to stay and most
importantly it is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, there are many that see it as one of the
fastest up and coming global business regions as evidenced by the presence of top brands
like Emirates airlines and the glitz and glamour of the Burj Khalifa.

Yet with a vibrant population of 350 million for the MENA Region (Middle East and North
Africa) and having well over 110 million people that are active internet users it is no secret
that this is the up and coming hub of business especially in terms of e-commerce. And this
has been why in 2017 saw the launch of We believed in
serving the community both as traditional retail outlet as well as being a pioneer of the the
digital age. Combined with the fact that the over 47% of the Middle East population have
access to payment cards (credit/debit) and that from 2012 to 2015 the total sales grew from
US$9 billion to US$15 billion, there can be little doubt that great things await. This has been
seen by many analysts as a greater sense of trust in online shopping and quality digital
presence, with brands like Al Haramain Perfumes placing more on more focus on online
security and maintaining the same levels of quality that customers have come to expect in
their showrooms.

al haramain rafia silver

But without doubt the main catalyst that has been at the forefront of this dynamic rise in e
commerce has been the impressive rate of technological acceptance especially the
impressive rate of smartphone penetration. With a region wide average of over 92% this
shows the reason that many people have seen it as a convenience especially in regards to
online shopping. It resulted in the fact that to be counted among the best ecommerce brands
not just in MENA but globally there is a growing demand to from buyers demanding the
same level of quality throughout all sales platforms. Offering the same quality browsing
experience both on a mobile platform as well as on a desktop has been one of the reasons
that Al Haramain Perfumes can be counted as one of 2018 top ecommerce sites.

According to our strategic global shipping partner DHL the Middle East region is posed for
great growth especially as they predict Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt to be the fastest
growing e-commerce drivers in the next few years. This has been seen by the growing levels
of sales from ever increasing enquiries not only from the MENA region but also globally.
What has been seen by the greater attention to detail that the e commerce industry in the
GCC has taken, the use of high quality shipping channels that are geared to handle the
volume and quality. The embracing of social media has also been seen as a contributing
factor especially Instagram and Facebook.

Al Haramain

At, we believe that the reason that the MENA will be the
driving engine for the future. The combination of our willingness to absorb the latest in
technology aimed at making the online shopping experience not only enjoyable but also
convenient. And this has made the presence of quality GCC products that have become a
global staple as seen by the popularity of our perfumes as far out at the Russia and Brazil.

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The defining reality the business world as a whole can ill afford to ignore the growth and
dynamic potential that the GCC and MENA as a whole has to offer the world. Even Amazon
the tech behemoth that literally taught the world the mean of e-commerce came to the region
last year paid $580 million in cash for Many of our global buyers have come
believe in the quality of Al Haramain Perfumes and there has been a likened to Jeff Bezos
having appreciated the underlying potential that the region has.