To be a global brand in today's world there is a need to have not just an online presence but to make a mark on the e-commerce world. That is just what Al Haramain Perfumes has done and we have gone beyond just having an online store but we have evolved to meet the needs of our customers. We have been able to embrace the latest technologies as well as implement new methods that would be able to give our customers the opportunity to fully embrace the wide selection of, what we believe are the best perfumes in the world.

We want our customers to feel the same way on line that they feel when they enter our showrooms, regardless of where they are or if they are just visiting or they are in search of the best fragrances online.

And the facts are there for all to see, as recent data shows that in 2017, the global retail e-commerce sales were an estimated USD 2.3 trillion and that in 2021 it is expected to easily reach USD 4.9 trillion. On top of that all this anticipated growth has been fuelled by greater spending power and also an all round increase of online access that sees traditional desktop online shopping going the way of the fax machine and cassette player and being replaced by dedicated apps and e-commerce applications. In short, the future is bright for both customers and retailers.

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At Al Haramain Perfumes we have acknowledged that and in addition we also believe that the most logical step is to anticipate the future needs of the customers who are  of the best perfumes. This has been done by embracing an approach in having a unified approach in both the traditional and online shopping presence (both on social media and e commerce). With the recent opening of the the first Al Haramain Perfumes showrooms in Morocco at the biggest mall in Africa and the continued growth of our online store; we have not just accepted the change that is coming but also embraced it. And this celebration was announced and celebrated both online as well as onsite at our Al Haramain Morocco Mall store.

Without a doubt the future for not just leading brands like Al Haramain Perfumes but for the whole e commerce world is bright. With revolutionary technologies like machine learning and advanced online security protocols, its seems a guarantee that buyers will be more attracted to those brands that appeal to them.

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The reality is that across all industries and businesses; marketers need to be aware of changing trends and at the same time be able to accommodate these or adjust their strategies accordingly. And now with a wealth of data at their disposal it is no secret that a more scientific and data driven method will be instrumental in transform the way people shop online. At Al Haramain Perfumes, we not only believe this but have accepted that who can foresee changes in purchasing and content-viewing trends will be able to make major inroads in becoming top e commerce brands.

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However, a word of caution that goes to all advertisers in the data-driven, personalised future that we are about to enter is to understand the limitations of privacy. By drawing a line that demarcates what is personal information and what is information that can be used, the scope of inviting trouble or disgruntled consumers will lessen.

Future shoppers in the country will make informed purchases, so do not discount the possibility of them gaining information on sellers as well. A good e-commerce seller who can use the right mix of digital tools that are future-proof will sail through the year and set themselves up for the next few years as well.