Many global brands such as Al Haramain Perfumes have been quietly changing the way in which they interact with customers data and this has been because of a privacy oriented rule that was announced in 2016 by the 28 member group of the European Union. This rule became law on 25 May 2018 when the recently introduced GDPR  came into effect.

Basically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European regulation that is aimed at protecting individuals’ right to privacy and increasing their control of their own data and how businesses use this information. This piece of legislation covers all EU citizens and well as global companies that interact and do business with EU citizens regardless of where the business is located.

Basically this means that companies that are dealing with all the 29 nations that are in the European Union. This regulation also affects not just the countries and but also focuses on the security of the data privacy of any EU resident, regardless of where the company or entity may be.

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In simple terms it means that ANY company or business organisation that comes into contact with any form of personal data of European Union residents MUST ensure that they comply with the GDPR or they run the risk of heavy fines.This also applies to any business processing data on behalf of other businesses.

It is also important to understand that GDPR regulates PERSONAL DATA only. This means any complete or partial data set (piece of data) that can be attributed to a particular person.

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We know there  have been many that have said that GDPR is the collecting of user data, that is entirely NOT true. What it means is that companies both in the EU and those multinational corporations like Al Haramain Perfumes that deal with EU customers must be responsible at all times for the personal data they come into contact with.

This means we have to know where our customers personal data came from, how the consent to both obtain and use that data was obtained. We have also taken into consideration the legal basis for how such consent was obtained and of course the legal basis for using the data. But most importantly we understood and realize the reason that we use and need to use this data.


Basically Al Haramain Perfumes welcomes the introduction of the GDPR, and joins in agreement with the EU hopes that users personal data will not only become more secure, but that our reputation for being transparent will be more obvious and also that and people will feel safer using the visiting our site as well as our online store.