We have been making the best perfumes for a long time and our customers have been testament to that in fact this has been proved as we have been innovative and trendsetting on the market. In fact at best we have had many of our customers being surprised by our speed and efficiency in delivering perfumery perfection to the world.

At shop.alharamainperfumes.com we have managed to create a lasting impression with our customer base as well as being able to deliver the best perfumes on the market to the perfume adoring community that know that we move heaven and earth to ensure they get the best in terms service and quality. We believe in thinking locally and being global in all that we so this is why we have a delivery record that even locally based online stores cannot even match. We have designed our online store to be of great convenience to the customer and this has seen fast turnaround times in terms of operations.

We process all orders within 10 minutes of confirmation of payment, this means it will result in faster confirmation for our customers and in total a greater peace of mind in knowing that we are taking care of their order. In addition we make sure that all tracking numbers are sent to customers within an hour from us having confirmed payment, this will act as proof that not only have we received the payment, but we are finalising the processing of their product documentation. In addition we also ensure that all the necessary documentation is already prepared and that the order is fully packaged and ready within 2 hours from placing orders.

But these are just figures, we believe in the response that we get from our global family of customers is proof that we have met our goals and ensured customer satisfaction.

And in achieving this goal we have been setting some records such as being able to ship from our factory in Ajman to Perth Australia, and having it safely arrive in the hands of the customer in 47 hours or how about being able to ship from Ajman to Dhahran in Saudi Arabia in just under 18 hours. We see such milestones not just as achievements in efficient operation but also as a measure of effectiveness of a well oiled machine geared towards customer satisfaction.

We believe that the future of e commerce is bright for top perfume brands such as Al Haramain Perfumes that are geared towards both embracing new technologies as well as being able to embrace the needs of the customers. At the end of the day all that we seek is the satisfaction of knowing that each and everyone of our clients has had their expectations met and they are happy with having the best in fragrances.