Al Haramain Philippine Agarwood

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Al-Haramain Philippines Agarwood Agarwood is considered to be the most reliable and best quality agarwood.Al-Haramain have the latest Agarwood stock from the Philippines. We use this particular wood for resin and can be used in perfume and scent industries world-wide. It is considered to be one of the expensive agarwood in the world because of it’s high-class quality and benefits. Al-Haramain Philippines agarwood is very rare and hard to be found everywhere. The demand for this agarwood is quite high. It’s usually used for treating deadly medical problems, such as, flu, fever, muscle relaxation, stress, depression, treating insomnia, asthma, digestive problems, and many more. It’s a rare ingredient that is being found in many medicines. Al-haramain uses Philippines agarwood for making a different variety of perfumes, attar, essential oil, and other things. We provide high-quality agarwood globally along with shipment world-wide.

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Al Haramain Philippine Agarwood
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