How to choose the right perfume for a woman

How to choose the right perfume for a woman

Women are like closed boxes filled with emotions. A perfect fragrance can not only enhance her style but also describe her dignity and character to the outer world. The right fragrance can be the key to that closed box. Every woman should have a unique trail of fragrance that represents her soul. Also, it’s important to smell good every time you walk into a room! Choosing the perfect fragrance is through following some rules. However, after thorough research on different types of people and fragrances, we came up with 5 golden rules on how to choose the right perfume for a woman. These simple rules will make your perfume game better next time you buy a fragrance for yourself or even your loved ones.

What Scent Describes You the Best

Before choosing any fragrance, knowing the available types of fragrances is a must. By type I mean the message it carries. Ask yourself few simple questions before choosing any fragrance at random. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you stay outside for a long time during the day? Do you prefer feminine types of fragrances? By answering these questions, you can easily choose the right type among fresh, floral, fruity, woody, musky, or oriental fragrances.

   Fresh Fragrances: These are the herbal and citrusy type of smell that’s more engaging in a community. It attracts people in a friendly manner. 

Floral & Fruity: These types are the most feminine type. Sometimes can be too attractive or strong depending on the flower infused in it. Can be used in evenings as well as mid-days. 

   Woody & Musky: Think about date nights. Yes, these are the most attractive scents that a woman can wear. Best to wear in the evenings. It describes warmth so it can be a great choice in winter as well.

   Oriental: These are the eastern fragrances with noticeable strength. The confident ladies out there who want to make a presence in any room are the perfect people to wear oriental fragrances. 

Understand the Notes

Notes are important to understand. Notes are the different layers of smell that you get throughout the time when you are wearing the perfume. In every perfume, you get the top notes in the first sniff. The top notes are the most prominent ones but it evaporates within 10 minutes on your skin and transforms into the heart note. The heart notes or the middle notes carry the main essence of the perfume. The Last / Base note of a perfume is the most lasting one which combines with the heart notes and stays there for the whole day. You might have heard of a quote saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. Just like that, I want you to remember, “Never judge a perfume by the first sniff”. While vising a shop, wear a tester at least for 30 minutes to understand the fragrance. The perfumes with citrusy notes are usually fresh and bold. Perfumes with prominent lavender, cherry blossoms, or roses are a little bit on the feminine and adult side. Apples, Oranges, or pineapples are typical fruity scents perfect for any age group as daily wear. Firewood or patchouli will surely bring an earthy vibe to your aura. Musk is a clean scent mostly present in the last note of a perfume. There can be other spicy notes like cardamom or saffron to bring the boldness in you.

Don’t Follow Trends

One thing I’ve learned from the perfume community is, there might be a sudden hype on perfume without any specific reason. You see many people buying it simply based on reviews. I suggest, don’t be a risk-taker. Trendy perfumes may be fancy but not every time it will suit you. I have seen teenage girls wearing seductive perfumes. And trust me you don’t want to end up in such embarrassment just out of a simple blind buy. It is important to know your trend. Let me help you build your trend.

If you are an introvert and shy type of woman, go for minimal feminine fragrances like lavender or cherry blossoms. If you want to express the romance in you, a little floral mature scent like rose or jasmine would complement you perfectly. To represent the mystery in you, go for deep fragrances like spices or woods. In formal situations like meetings or job interviews, spread a scent of vanilla or musk. Your sweetness or innocence is projected best with fruity notes like apples or oranges. 

Pick the Right Concentration

The concentration of a fragrance decides the longevity and boldness of a perfume. There are many types of concentration with different performances. The most common concentrations are:

   Eau de Cologne: The concentration in this one is the lowest and most diluted one. The scent might last up to two hours. It's formulated with 5% oil, alcohol, and water.

   Eau de Toilette: It is a stronger version of cologne that is still diluted. It has an 8 percent concentration of perfume extract and can last up to 4 hours. This needs one reapplication throughout the day and for summertime, this can be a great choice as it 

   Eau de Parfume: This kind is more powerful than the previous two. It has an 18% concentration of oil and alcohol which lasts at least 6 hours.

   Parfume: In the genre of spray perfumes, this one is the strongest with the highest concentration of perfume extract up to 30% oil and alcohol. It stays almost throughout the whole day. 

 Do you have a special reason to buy the perfume?

Often we buy perfumes for different reasons other than just enriching our collections. An event, an interview, a romantic or adventurous trip. Anything can come up and call for your need for perfume. You must know where you are wearing the fragrance. For example, if you wear a mature seductive perfume in an interview, that is surely going to carry a wrong message. From my own experience, I can tell, that warm and clean fragrance like musk in the base notes can be a safe option in any place and any gathering. If you are buying it as a gift, the best option is to get a gift card from the brand if they offer any. In that way, you don’t have to decide to choose someone else. If you don’t have the option to get a gift card, ask the person directly to understand her preferences on fragrance types.

These are not the only 5 factors to completely understand how to choose the right perfume for a woman. But yes, I have tried my level best to combine most of the important factors in my writing. Picking the Perfect woman Fragrance is fun but it kills time. However, all your effort will be worth it once you get the compliments on your fragrance. Dear Ladies, good luck choosing your fragrance. In any confusion, do leave a comment below. I will be answering all your questions.