Al Haramain Malaysia Puntiyana Agarwood

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Al-Haramain has a famous and well-known Malaysia Puntiyana Agarwood in their collection. This is the rare and most valuable agarwood in all over the world. The world of Agarwood calls it Liquid Gold and are often worried about its extinction. It has a gentle and majestic aroma that has a powerful energy to bring good luck, inner peace, and positive energy to people. It also produces healing benefits and medicines. This agarwood is pure with a delicate fragrance. Many people order this particular agarwood from our website. Al-Haramain also uses puntiyana Agarwood in making perfumes, Attar, and much more. It’s a beautiful and long-lasting fragrance vanishes out all the bad energy and removes toxic vibes from the soul. Malaysia Puntiyana Agarwood can directly be purchased from our website. The price of the boxes varies according to the weight. We can deliver agarwood anywhere in the world with full safety and precautions.
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