Al Haramain Malino Agarwood

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Al-Haramain Malino Agarwood is considered to be one of the luxurious agarwood scents that are long-lasting and strong. Malino agarwood is usually found in the harvested region of the forest. It has a very exotic fragrance that is quite different from the rest of the species. We add no chemicals to make it special. The original scent is fair enough to make you fall in love with this agarwood. The oil extracted from this agarwood is considered to be the best one. The oil is brown and has a crisp yet powdery sweet note. It has a sweetness with the vanilla extract. The oil is fruitful and well-balanced with all the best qualities. It has an amazing effect on the skin. By using our Malino agarwood the skin becomes soft and fresh. Its scent tends to stay for a longer period. Al-Haramain Malino agarwood has many benefits, including, medical treatments, such as flu, fever, cancer, asthma, digestive issues, insomnia, treat bad odor, and many more. Our customer service is always there to assist you with inquiries. We provide the box capacity starting from 25G to 1KG. The prices of each box vary according to weight. We are one of the best brands that delivers Agarwood all over the world with affordable charges. We provide the best and reliable Agarwood with long-lasting effects on the body and soul.
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