Al Haramain South Thailand Agarwood

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Al-Haramain South Thailand Agarwood is known all over the world for its classic Thai smell. The scent of this agarwood is quite subtle and unique. It’s as fresh as any other wood. The mystery wood aroma has become useful on many special occasions. Soft jasmine adds sweetness to its magical aroma. No chemical needs to be added to its fragrance. Its aroma is amazing in its original form. Al-Haramain South Thailand agarwood can be used for many purposes. It’s mostly used in perfumes, attar, essential oil, and incense in most of the Arabic countries. Other than this, it holds great importance in terms of medical purposes. Our South Thailand agarwood can be used for both men and women. Our customer service is always there to assist the customers in the best way possible. Al-Haramain provides the South Thailand agarwood in classic packaging and their rates varies depending upon the weight.
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