It is without doubt that e-commerce is the future of shopping and the presence of and other top online store brands has been testament to that. As millions of global buyers have come to see online shopping not just as the future of retail trade but also as the only way to shop but there are those that say the actual visual experience of visiting a showroom is still essential if not critical.

But nothing is perfect and at Al Haramain Perfumes we will be the first to admit that there is so much that needs to be done for the global e-commerce ecosystem to be made better. In fact, many customers would agree that most of issues that are plaguing the online shopping world are not just restricted to new sites but even established e commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, AliBaba and Al Haramain Perfumes are also seeing the same global issues. Basically the whole e commerce industry is facing a lot of problems.

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Globally the trillion-dollar online shopping industry is fuelled by innovation, rapid growth and absorption of automation that is being led by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This has seen the rise of the main issue of e commerce that quite simply it is just not ‘human’ enough and there is need for that interaction with another person. Whilst the rise of augmented reality, chat-bots and other customer related interaction technology has gone some way to make it better and alleviate the problem, there is and will always be a need to be personally attended and the feeling of being pampered by a sales executive in a real brick and mortar store. And coupled by the presence of poorly designed online stores have more than intensified this issue.


At Al Haramain Perfumes we have for a long time accepted that there is a need to continue having our physical retail store and online presence work together in tandem. Coupled with an innovative customer service platform we aim to make each sale that we make not just exceptional but to also offer the customer a memorable experience. This is coupled by the use of social media and coupled with online marketing methods and also communication methods such as customer interaction on a global scale and the recent introduction of Business WhatsApp with unlimited global outreach and interaction.

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In addition to the lack of human interaction there is also those that say the level of online marketing is not persuasive enough or in extreme cases it is downright aggressively misleading if not annoying. This has been made worse by the notorious nature of click-bait ads as well as spam emails that have made the consumer fight back with ad-blockers and spam-blockers that have become the staple for almost anyone that used the internet.

At Al Haramain Perfumes we have seen this and believe that the best way to approach this is by offering and utilizing quality marketing methods. This is done by simply asking ourselves one question:

What would we want to see if we were the customer?

This has seen an increase in improved engagement between us and our clients and as a result of this approach. We have also managed to reach extend our market reach in Russia and Nigeria, showing that there no boundary to quality perfumes.

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The issue of cybersecurity threats is something that has become more of a global threat than just a e commerce nuisance. The names WannaCry, Badrabbit and Petya attacks left the world wary of online threats that hounded us in 2017. We believe it is essential to assure our clients and visitors of the security integrity of how is. We have installed a SSL certificate to increase our HTTPS security protocols and in addition we regularly run security checks and encryption systems.

The reality is that the ecommerce environment is imperfect as there is always ongoing developments and technological advancements that we are always having to play catch up.