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  1. 5 Best Perfume for Men Al Haramain Edition

    Buying fragrance is often a big gamble, but it doesn't need to be. Rather than making a buy on the spot, spray an sample of the aroma on your wrist and see anyway it creates on your skin for the duration of the day – you will understand it's lightweight or powerful.

    In the event that you can't get to a store, a few internets based retailers give preliminary sizes likewise as smaller than usual "revelation sets" – that you'll spritz and sniff at relaxation before interest in an enormous jug. There are no right or wrong when it comes to wearing fragrance, but as a rough guide: citrus and lightweight floral scents are sensitive for the hotter months after you don't need something too significant (sweat and warmth can amplify your perfume).But, if it's chilly then your fragrance needs to be a bit tougher to cut through the cold – thus warm, smoky leathery fragrances are at high demand for

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  2. Best Soft Sweet Smelling Perfumes that Last Long

    Our nerves are really confusing sometimes. Sometimes we don’t like to wear perfume but also want our bodies to smell great. I know, there are hundreds of ways to make your bodies smell great naturally. All are available on the internet. But does that really work? Sometimes we don’t want to maintain ourselves much and just spray something nice on top to cover the natural body odor. There’s no shame in covering that. But we have to choose the perfume correctly to do that. It should not be exaggerated or too dense. A body mist can be a great option though. But for longer performance, the best thing to do is to choose a soft yet sweet fragrance.

    But how exactly do these sweet fragrances feel? Well, to categorise, the soft and sweet fragrances are usually divided into three categories. Fruity Florals, Earthy and Gourmand. The softness depends on the blend and the concentration of each ingredient. For example,

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  3. 10 Best Summer Fragrances for Men

    Although everyone shops for sunglasses, shorts, and sunscreen during the summer, it's also a great time to try a new fragrance. As the temperature rises, there are several very good reasons to switch to a different, lighter fragrance.Components or as we say the “notes” that make the fragrance, can react differently in heat, intensifying and dispersing more quickly, stronger scents that contain oud can become overpowering in this summer heat.

    In this summer heat, when we are outside, we usually want to smell fresh and clean, which may include notes such as orange blossom or more citrusy notes. Musk, Vanilla or Amber will give more of sweet fragrance which some people usually don’t like in summer. 

    So you might be thinking, what to wear then? Here are top 10 classic

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  4. 10 Best Summer Fragrances for Her

    It’s that time of year where floral, and fresh scents is in demand. High temperatures in summer undoubtedly have a significant impact on how well a fragrance performs, so it's crucial to choose a scent you enjoy while making sure it will work and last even in scorching heat.

    And due to huge demand on floral and fresh scents, we had to create the top 10 list of long lasting summer fragrances for women that will emphasise their feminine qualities and tell a tale about them.


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  5. أفضل عطور المسك لأناقة لا مثيل لها

    أفضل عطور المسك لأناقة لا مثيل لها


    يتكون المسك في غدة كيسيه في بطن نوع من أنواع الظباء وهو يدعى غزال المسك، وهذه الغدة موجودة في الظبي الذكر أي أنها ليست موجودة

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